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Office of the Academic Registrar, Gauhati University

Online form for submission of Panel of Examiners for PhD Thesis

Please use the form for which the link is provided below to submit the panel of examiners for PhD thesis examination. It is advisable that you go through the PhD Regulations, GU of 2016 prior to begin the process of filling up this form. To fill this form, you MUST

In addition, you MUST


Instruction to fill-up the online form:

You must be ready with the details of the examiners as per the format attached below:

                 A) Examiners Panel Information Submission Format (MS word)

                     B) Examiners Panel Information Submission Format (.pdf)


How to fill up the form:

01. Log in through the GU email ID

02. Click on the “Examiners Panel Submission Link” provided below

03. Fill-up the necessary fields 1-4; please provide email ID of the Research Scholar right in the beginning of the form to send an acknowledgement to the Scholar (it will be displayed as "Your e-mail address" in this first field of the form)

04. Upload the Examiners Panel (as a .pdf file) in the desired format (as mentioned in A, above).

→Please note that examiners panel format as mentioned in A (above), must be filled up digitally; hand-written forms will not be accepted. Once the form is filled up in MS word format, it must be converted into a .pdf file. 

→Moreover, the same format has been provided as a .pdf file also, as this enables users to check if any disorganization happens with the MS word file, while downloading.